Woven finance

Woven Finance, a new financial company in Nigeria tasked us to create a brand identity that will help them connect better with their customers.

Our research found that there is a slight disconnect between the fintech industry and its customers. Majority of banking customers in African don't feel their provider knows them well enough to deliver relevant products or services. In Africa, there has always been a tendency in banking to believe that 'more is better.' Unfortunately, in an increasingly complex industry, consumers value simplicity. As opposed to just being 'less', banking needs to get rid of the unnecessary, without sacrificing delightful experiences. We emphasized on simplicity and connectivity to create a brand that ties in process, content, and other core applications together to provide a consistent and unified consumer experience.

The identity brings simplicity and clarity with an increased emphasis on the interlocking woven square and is optimized for use in digital contexts. As seen in the logo, this typifies the microscopic view of a weave of threads, much like the pattern of a woven cloth.

Glofert Visual Identity
Woven Finance
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